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Dear Members 

The Hitchin Girls’ Friends of the School Association is a charity that was set up to enhance the education of all of our children at Hitchin Girls’ School. Our aim is to raise much needed funding to help improve facilities around the school.

Most of us at this stage have a huge sigh and straight away think “what’s this going to cost me”. Believe me, you are not alone, I too had that reaction many years ago when my daughters started, it’s only natural.

As a parent or guardian of a pupil at our school you are automatically a member of the HGFSA. What does this mean, I hear you ask? Well quite frankly if we all don’t act on it, it means nothing. Nobody can give up hours of their time and as the Chair I don’t expect you to, however we all still need to pull together and do something to help.

The following ideas are ways in which we can not only help our pupils but also get ourselves involved with very little effort and keep the HGFSA community spirit going.

1907 Club

The 1907 club is the easiest way we can help enhance our children’s experience at Hitchin Girls’ School as it has the least effort with the most reward by making a small annual member payment. I’m sure you have all seen or heard of this type of club.

The cost of this club is £1 per month per entry and there is no limit to the amount of entries per family. So everyone can be involved, including grandparents.

Click here to find out more about how the 1907 Club works   
Click here for Club 1907 Application Form & Club Draw Rules

Uniform Sales

By popular demand the clothing sale is carried out on the evening of our new student intake. This enables new students to get kitted out prior to starting in September. It is also open to any of our members to come along and replace those much needed items.

Please click here for further information

We would like to thank old members for their support and welcome new members to another eventful year.

If you need to contact us please use the email below.

Mark Stevens