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Hertfordshire Local Authority manages the transfer and entry to Hitchin Girls’ School. The school is generally oversubscribed. For details of both regular and in-year admissions, please follow the links and see the information below.

If you require further information contact the Children Schools and Families help and information line on 0300 123 4043.


Each year, we hold open events when Year 6 students and their parents can visit the school to help with their choice of secondary school. These events provide opportunities to visit the school, meet staff, talk to our students, and hopefully obtain a good understanding of how we operate. Our open mornings have already taken place for this year, but you are still able to find out more about the school via our Virtual Open Event webpage. This contains a welcome talk from the Headteacher and Head Girl team, along with links to the school prospectus and a range of information about the school and secondary admission.

Secondary Transfers for September 2022

The school participates in the Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) co-ordinated scheme for admissions. All deadlines within this scheme must be adhered to by applicants. HCC will make offers of places on behalf of the school. 

Further information, including the rules for admission, is available at: On-time applications closed on Sunday 31 October 2021.

A copy of the determined admissions criteria for Hitchin Girls' School for 2022/2023 is available here.

Secondary allocation day is Monday 1 March 2022. If you applied online you will receive an email from HCC on this date. If you applied on paper then you will receive a letter in the post.

Accepting your place: if you are allocated Hitchin Girls’ School and wish to accept your place then you must do this either online or on the paper form provided by Tuesday 15 March 2022. Responses go directly to HCC and do not come back to the school.

Continued interest: if you are not allocated Hitchin Girls’ School and it was ranked higher than the school you have been allocated, then you will automatically be added to the continued interest list.

If you do not want to stay on this list then you must let the HCC Children’s Services Team know immediately.

In-Year Admissions

All Local Authorities have a statutory duty to coordinate all in-year admissions (primary and secondary) for all maintained schools and academies. This means that all applications for, and allocations of, in-year places must be made via a child's home Local Authority. All parents living in Hertfordshire who wish to make an in-year application must apply online to HCC at and not by applying directly to schools. A paper application form can be requested from the Children Schools and Families Customer Service Centre, 0300 123 4043.


At transfer time, parents wishing to appeal who applied online should log into their online application and click on the link ‘register an appeal’. For those who did not apply online, please contact the Children Schools and Families Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4043 to request an appeal pack. 

A copy of the HCC Guidance for Parents document regarding admissions appeal panels is available here.

Further information on the appeals process is available here.

Sixth Form Admissions

Information on our Sixth Form, including a copy of our Sixth Form prospectus, is available here. 


The Determined Admission Arrangements for 2021-2022 were reviewed and approved by the Governing Body at its meeting on 10 September 2019.

Details of the arrangements are available here:

Hitchin Girls’ School Determined Admission Rules 2021-2022

Further information about admission arrangements for all schools in Hertfordshire is available at

DETERMINED admissions arrangements for 2022-2023

The Determined Admission Arrangements for 2022-2023 were reviewed and approved by the Governing Body on 9 February 2020.

Details of the arrangements are available here: 

Hitchin Girls’ School Determined Admission Rules 2022-2023


An explanation of the formula used by single-sex schools to determine how many places should be assigned to each individual parish has been produced by Hertfordshire Admissions team and is available here:

Single-sex Parish Proportionality Explanation