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Careers Support

Careers Support

Our Careers programme provides students with the necessary self-knowledge and information to make informed and realistic decisions about their future. It is delivered through the Careers Co-ordinator, enrichment days, Learning 4 Life lessons and form tutors. We work closely with Connexions, Further and Higher Education institutions, and value our links with local Business.

The Careers Resources Centre includes a well-stocked reference library, job details and employment opportunities, Further and Higher Education prospectuses and a variety of computer/internet programs and sites – all available through the school Moodle.

In Years 7–11 careers advice and guidance modules are delivered through the Learning 4 Life programme. In addition, enrichment days are organised for the students to support them with their GCSE and Post-16 option choices. All students have five days of work experience during Key Stage 4.

In Years 12 and 13, a number of sessions are run to help students make appropriate Post-18 choices. These sessions include one to one targeted career guidance, visits to Higher Education conventions, student and parent talks and an in-house UCAS process series of workshops. In addition to this, Form Tutors and Heads of House are given targeted professional training to help assist Sixth Form students with their decision making process.

All Year 9 Year 11 and post 16 students are entitled to a career interview that can be arranged through the careers Co-ordinator.

Please click here for the Careers Policy

Insight into Careers Fair

Parents, former students and local Business people supported our Careers Fair where students in Year 9, Post 16 and  Post 18 students  are able to visit and find out more about over 30 different careers including:

  • Business - Accountant, Events Management, Music & Marketing, Sports Development, Human resources
  • Engineering - Civil Engineer
  • Media - Actress, Journalist, Magazine editor, Photographer
  • Medical/caring - Chemist, Midwife, Nurse, Doctor, Social Worker
  • Retail - Hairdresser, Retailer, Shop Owner
  • Science - Forensic Scientist, Physics/Astronomy
  • Uniformed Services - Fire-fighter, RAF Officer.

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