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Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools

The school has adopted a 'Healthy Schools' status and encourages students to eat healthily, be active, to appreciate their surroundings and care for their physical and mental well being.

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In our dining room, we offer a range of options to encourage healthy eating. There is a 'Meal of the Day' available at a fixed price of £2.40 - this includes main dinner served with a choice of potato, vegetables and pudding of the day. Most students prefer to make their choice from the full and varied range of hot and cold dishes (which also cater for vegetarians and those with special dietary needs). A selection of food can also be taken away.

The catering manager Lin Wilson and her team along with the midday supervisors are happy to help and welcome you into the dining room. If you are unsure about any food , please ask any member of staff in the kitchen.

HGS respects the pupils as customers, we give them time and space to eat, plus we teach them why good food matters.

Examples of the food on offer includes:

  • Chilled Products - Sandwiches, filled rolls, wraps, flat breads, pasta salads
  • Salad Bar - Help yourself to a variety of different salads by filling a dish size of your choice
  • Pasta & Jacket Potato bar - Hot pasta with a daily choice of sauce, jacket potato with a variety of fillings topped with cheese
  • Bakery - Fresh traybakes, doughnuts, cookies and muffins
  • Desserts - Fruit salad, fresh fruit, yoghurts, jelly, mousse, cheesecakes
  • Drinks - Water, flavoured water, cartons of fresh juice, milkshakes

There are always 4 options to choose from for the 'Meal of the Day'

An example of a daily menu is:-

  • Shepherds Pie
  • Macaroni Cheese
  • Veggie quarter pounders topped with salsa & cheese
  • Cheese Quiche
  • Assorted fresh vegetables
  • Selection of potatoes
  • Flapjack & Custard

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Thinking about eating a mixed, varied and balanced diet
Aiming to select fruits and vegetables (5 a day)
Thinking before adding any salt
Trying to select healthier snack options
Aiming to eat or drink something before starting school (apart from during religious festivals)
Receiving some healthy eating education
Drink plenty of water. Aim for 8 glasses a day