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Key Stage 3 & 4 Options

Key Stages 3 and 4

During the first three years at Hitchin Girls’ School, students follow a curriculum based on the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum.  All students follow a similar programme of study at Key Stage 3,  but differences do occur as students choose whether to study Drama, Spanish, Latin and Ancient Civilisations. Where necessary,  we will take a more flexible approach to the curriculum and look to create bespoke opportunities to provide additional support for literacy and numeracy. More detailed information about Key Stage 3 can be found on the departmental pages.

In Years 10 and 11, as a result of the Options process, our students have the opportunity to create a curriculum that is right for them.  Few students at the age of 14 have a definitive idea of the career path they are likely to pursue, so it is advisable for students to choose a broad and balanced curriculum to keep their future options open. The Key Stage 4 National Curriculum still contains compulsory areas of study, covering key areas such as Mathematics, Science, English, Philosophy and Ethics and Physical Education, although even within these subject areas, there may be an element of choice regarding the depth of study.  This area of learning is referred to as the 'core’.  In addition to the Core, students are able to opt for up to four extra subjects, some of which will be new to the students and could include a Practical Learning Opportunity based at North Hertfordshire College.

The curriculum on offer is designed to ensure students receive an appropriate balance of core subjects and opportunities to specialise, in order to maximise their abilities and set themselves challenging goals.  This will enable students to face the demands placed on them by an ever changing world.

Please find below the Options booklet for January 2021.