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Pastoral Information

Welcome to the Pastoral department

The Pastoral Team works towards positive wellbeing in school, supporting students and families alongside school staff and other agencies, to develop rounded and resilient individuals.

Form Tutors

Form tutors are the students' first point of contact as they progress through the school;  building relationships, as well as monitoring academic and personal progress, behaviour and attendance.  Once a week in form time, tutors lead a session from our Headstrong programme, promoting & developing emotional health and wellbeing. To view the materials used please click here.

Peer Mentors

Students from Years 10 to 13 have the opportunity to volunteer & train as Peer Mentors. This scheme is a valuable way to support our younger students who may be struggling with the transition to secondary school, friendships, or other concerns.   Peer Mentors are trained and supervised by the Pastoral team, fostering communication & developing skills mentors or mentees will use later on in life.

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral team work in conjunction with form tutors and heads of year to offer support to students struggling with a range of emotional, social or health concerns.

Head of Pastoral Support:  Tara Batt-Corcoran

Pastoral Assistant:  Ann Barton

Pastoral Assistant (6th form): Trudy Hankin

Pastoral Admin Assistant: Kate Parker

The Pastoral room is situated next to M27, a dedicated space where students can sit quietly or speak to Pastoral staff; the team offers a listening ear and ongoing emotional support.

Outside Agencies

Where  appropriate, students and families may be referred to various professional therapists in school for 1:1 or group sessions; including counsellors through NESSie (North herts Emotional Support in schools ServicE), or mentoring with the Phase Team (

Where students or families require a higher tier of support around mental health, wellbeing and safeguarding, the Pastoral team may liaise with external professionals, to support a student’s treatment plan in school.

Local support

Bereavement support

Building resilience

Counselling help

Self-referral for mental wellbeing

Young carers in Herts

Youth projects

Youth projects for young people with additional needs