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Transition New Intake 21/22

Due to current Covid restrictions, our last two New Intake Transitions had to take place remotely.  

We very much hope that for your child, Transition 2022 will happen in person, with our usual visits to their primary schools and our New Intake Day here at Hitchin Girls' School on Thursday 14th July 2022

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Welcome to Year 6 families for the Class of 2022! 

Once your child has secured a place with us in the spring you will receive regular communications, including our HGS Transition Newsletters and Tweets, to support you with the exciting, but also sometimes daunting, transition from primary to secondary school. 

We are with you every step of the way and cannot wait to support your child with their HGS journey. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using our designated Transition email:

Mrs Cooper - Assistant Head; Mrs Hone - Head of Year 7; and the Transition Team. 

Parent testimonials:

"Every single email and all of the preparations have been exemplary."

"As parents now used to several school systems, from junior to secondary across several schools, we can certainly say that HGS have been exceptional in comparison. That is not to indicate that the other schools were poor but HGS has certainly been a step above."

HGS Summer Step Up 2021 

This summer we held HGS Summer Step Up, to provide the Year 6 students who were joining us the opportunity to visit our school after Covid restrictions meant that New Intake Day on 9th July had to take place remotely. 

All 210 of our new students were invited to attend this two-day programme, and we had 157 attend (most for both days). 

The participants were divided into Olympic countries (chosen to reflect the countries we worked with remotely for the Student Global Leadership Institute this summer, hosted by Punahou School, Hawaii). 

Over the two days these country teams worked together on a range of activities, challenges and workshops, to build their leadership, teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills - all while getting to know each other, making friends and familiarising themselves with their new school. 

Led by HGS staff, our fantastic Sports Leaders, Phase and Drama expert Lou Wallace, our teams earned points for their contributions, culminating in our very own closing ceremony complete with medals and prizes. 

HGS Summer Step Up was made possible thanks to the government's Summer School Programme fund, from which we received £7732.00. This covered the relevant planning/preparation, staffing and resources required for the programme. 

Parent feedback: 

"My daughter loved it and felt a lot more relaxed about starting in September."

"Superb . Our daughter really benefited from experiencing the school site in a relaxed and informal setting. She was thrilled to make some friendships. Excellent to meet and work with older pupils which dispelled some fears - very positive feedback re these students’ warmth and cheerfulness. Very good to get a chance to see some of the school inside - again, took the edge off  pre-Autumn term nerves significantly."

"Hugely beneficial in settling nerves for the remaining summer holidays and allowing students to be well oriented within the school in advance of the September start. Lots of varied activities. Particularly good that HGS teachers were involved in leading this (unlike other schools that had brought in unqualified and inexperienced sports apprentices to lead the activities). Two days was just enough. Well done HGS."

"Extremely useful to be able to see the school and meet future staff and friends before September. It made her feel comfortable and less worried about the next steps! It was organised so well."

"Very useful. My daughter was so happy she attended the Step Up days. It gave her a sense of belonging and making new friendships, and not as scary as she first thought."

"Great - an invaluable introduction given that Year 6 had never seen the school! Gave peace of mind."