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Media Studies GCSE (OCR exam board)

3.1 Unit B321: The Individual Media Studies Portfolio 
Controlled assessment - 30% of final grade.

Pupils are required to create a media product – perhaps a CD cover, magazine or tabloid front cover and editorial etc. They need to demonstrate their ability to use the IT equipment, including photography and editing, as well as their understanding of the conventions of that media form. The controlled assessment is divided into 3 sections:

Product - 40 marks 
Planning and evaluation of product – 20 marks 
Analytical essay on the topic – 60 marks

3.3 Unit B324: Production Portfolio in Media Studies – Controlled Assessment 2.

Pupils create a product such as: 
A print-based advertising campaign for a new product, such as a new clothing range, to include a brand name design, two full-page magazine advertisements and a billboard poster, using original photography. 

The Production Portfolio will consist of the following: 
• The Production itself 
• The Production Log 
The Appendix – to include a range of material appropriate to the product, such as: first drafts of storyboards and scripts, rejected photographs and graphics, and mock-ups of magazines, advertisements and websites.

The Production Log

The production log will provide important evidence to the teacher and Moderator of the individual candidate’s individual role and personal contribution to the production. It must be completed individually and is expected to include the following:

  • Evidence of research 
  • Evidence of planning, such as outlines, still test shots, sketches and storyboards 
  • Key dates, decisions and deadlines 
  • A record of the individual candidate’s exact contributions to the production, such as: camerawork, photography, interviews, copywriting, design, audience research, redrafting or editing.

Unit B322: Textual Analysis and Media Studies 
Topic (Moving Image) Examination:

The examinations are 1 hour 45 minutes long. Candidates are required to answer four compulsory questions. The unit is marked out of 80, with Section A marked out of 50 and Section B marked out of 30.

The unseen moving image extract (Unit B322) will be three–five minutes long and will be from the following genre: 

Action Adventure Films 
Pupils are shown the extract in the exam and then write their response commenting on:

• Camera angles
• Mise-en-scene
• Lighting 
• Editing

Section B is about Situation Comedies. Pupils use examples that they have covered in class.

GCSE Media Studies revision sites.

Revision websites for Media A Level (year 13 only)

Useful books:

OCR Media Studies for GCSE – Hodder Education