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Youth COP23

On Thursday 6 July, six Year 10 Geography students made the lengthy trip to… North Hertfordshire College, Hitchin campus!

This was to attend Sustainable Hertfordshire Youth COP23, oragnised by the County Council. 

Here the students took part in climate-modelling simulations and workshops on some of the issues facing our local environment, with the event culminating in the drawing up of an action plan for our school.

The day started with the students participating in the En-Roads Simulation. They were allocated a stakeholder group - this was anything from ‘Climate Activists’ to ‘Conventional Energy Producers’. The various stakeholders all had to work together, whilst considering their own interests, to try to keep the average global temperature rise to less than 2C by 2100. They tried all sorts of strategies, with the biggest impact coming from improving the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing Methane emissions.

Following on from this, the students took part in workshops that focused on monitoring air quality, enhancing nature and becoming carbon-neutral. They then came together to incorporate their ideas into an action plan for the future!