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International Community

We are proud holders of the International Schools Award 2019-2022 from the British Council, in recognition of the global dimensions of our curriculum and the partnership work that we do around the world.

  • We were the first and only UK school to be invited to join the highly prestigious Student Global Leadership Institute back in 2012, and have been proud participants ever since. This intensive, two-week summer programme, hosted by Punahou School in Hawaii every August, affords our students and staff a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to be part of a truly global community who come together to discuss important global issues. Students have attended every summer since 2012, and once back in the UK, undertaken a project linked to the theme of that year's conference.
  • Through SGLI, we are part of a large global community which allows us to explore, engage with and initiate global projects that both complement and enrich our curriculum. We have worked closely with The Chapin School, New York City, and have a network of more than 20 schools from countries including Japan, Sweden, Denmark, China and the USA. These fantastic learning opportunities, in conjunction with emerging technologies, will allow your child to learn from, collaborate with and communicate with students from around the world.
  • We pride ourselves on working with The Memory Project, and have created more than 400 portraits for children who have been orphaned or whose families have been displaced by conflict or natural disaster. The portraits our students have created now reside with the children in countries spanning the globe, including Syria, Afghanistan, Honduras, Haiti, Nepal and the Philippines.