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Charitable Trust

Hitchin Girls’ School Charitable Trust
Registered Charity No. 1147058 

The funding that is provided to schools by the Government is never enough to do all that we would like to, and the school has to manage the use of these resources appropriately. Our budget has to cover staffing costs, the maintenance of the site and buildings, teaching materials, resources and much more. Unfortunately, the amount that is then available to make improvements and provide new facilities is very limited.

To help raise additional funds to support the development of facilities at the school, the Hitchin Girls’ School Charitable Trust was established in April 2010. The objective of the Trust, as set out in the Trust Deed, is ‘To advance the education of the students at Hitchin Girls’ School by providing, and assisting in the provision of, facilities for education at the school, and promoting community participation in healthy recreation, in particular through the provision of facilities for the playing of sport’.

One of the ways in which we ask people to support the Trust is through a voluntary annual parent subscription scheme. Parents pay a small subscription of £20 per school year, and this contribution is then put towards making further improvements to our school site. Payment of the subscription is voluntary and you are welcome to cancel the standing order at any time and/or when your child leaves school, but we hope that most parents and guardians will feel able to support the school in this way. 

The Charitable Trust is also able to receive general donations made in support of the school, by individuals, business and other organisations. If you wish to make a donation, you can either use the donation form below, or contact the Trust via

To maximise the amount that is received, we are also able to reclaim tax on the donation at no further cost to you through the Gift Aid scheme. The standing order form and donation form both contain the declaration that is required to allow the trust to claim Gift Aid in respect of your donation.

Standing order form

A standing order form and Gift Aid declaration are available here.

Donation form

If you one like to make a one-off donation to the Trust, a donation form and Gift Aid declaration can be found here.

If you would like further information regarding the Trust, please email