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Examinations summer 2022

Achievement & performance 2021

Following the cancellation of public examinations in summer 2021, students were awarded their Teacher-Assessed Grades (determined by Ofqual) in their chosen subjects.

The Department for Education also decided that there will be no performance tables published for the 2020-2021 academic year, so the usual headline figures are not available. A link to the Key Stages 4 and 5 performance tables can be found at the bottom of this page.

We are extremely proud of the achievements of all of our students and wish them every success with their future plans.

Achievements & performance 2019 (most recent available public examination information)

Students at Hitchin Girls’ School once again did themselves and their teachers proud, with an excellent set of A Level and GCSE outcomes.

A Level

At A Level, there was an increase in outcomes in all grade bands compared with 2018, and all were well above national figures.

The overall progress score of 0.17 is above the national average, and places Hitchin Girls’ School in the top 22% of schools nationally at A Level. 

The Average Points Score (APS) grade improved from B- to B for 2019. This compares with a national grade of C+ and the Hertfordshire grade of B-.   

  • 32.6% of our A Level grades were A*-A, compared with 31.4% last year and a national figure this year of 25.5%.
  • 60.4% of grades were A*-B, compared with 57.6% last year and a national figure this year of 51.6%.
  • 87.6% were A*-C, compared with 81.9% last year and a national figure this year of 75.8%.
  • 100% were A*-E, compared with 99.2% last year and a national figure this year of 97.6%.

There were a number of individual successes, with two students achieving 4 A* grades and two achieving 2 A* and 2 A grades. Eight achieved 3 A grades.

There were also fantastic results across the whole ability range with many students achieving results that they perhaps didn’t think were possible earlier in their school career.


At GCSE, the school has a Progress 8 score of 0.57, which is well above national average.  This score means that students make, on average, over half a grade of progress more at Hitchin Girls’ School than the national average. 

This places the school in the top 350 out of 6,502 schools in England, and 12th out of 152 secondary schools in Hertfordshire.

The Progress 8 score has increased to 59.2 compared with a local authority average of 51.1 and an England average of 46.7. 

The number of students achieving grade 5+ in English and Maths increased from 62.6% to 65%, and for grade 4+ in English and Maths, this increased from 83.4% to 91%.

  • The percentage of grades at A/7+ increased from 32.8% to 37.5%, against a national figure of 20.8%.
  • For grades C/4+ the figure rose from 88.6% to 90.6% against a national figure of 67.3%.

Outstanding student achievements

  • One student achieved 9 x 9 grades, 1 x 8 and 1 x A distinction.
  • Two gained grade 9 in six different subjects. Forty-four students (25.7% of Year 11) gained at least one grade 9 in their exams.
  • Fourteen students in Year 11 sat Additional Maths and gained 3 x A distinction, 5 x A*, 3 x A and 3 x B.
  • Sixteen students in Year 12 were entered for EPQ with 56.3% of those completing the qualification, achieving A*- A grade.
  • Three students in Year 9 gained a grade 9 in a language along with a Year 10 who secured a grade 8.

These results are consistent with those from previous years. We are proud of the outcomes that we achieve for our students each year in their public examinations, which is consistently higher than many other schools locally and nationally.