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Governing Body Membership 

Governing Body Membership 2019/2020


Mrs. F.C.Manning     


(From 01/09/07)

Parent Governors 


Mrs. C. Astill

Ms. J. Briggs

(Term: 19/10/15 to 18/10/19)

(Term 07/11/2018 to 06/11/22)

Mr. G. Edwards

(Term: 17/10/18 to 16/10/22)

Dr. K. Middleton (Term: 18/10/16 to 17/10/20)
Mr. T. Scott      (Term: 17/10/18 to 16/10/22)

Community Governors 

Mr K. Down (Chair of Finance & Resources Committee)  (Term: 01/06/18 to 31/05/22)
Mr T. Fitzakerly (Term: 24/01/16 to 23/01/20)
Mr C. Hall (Chairman)   (Term: 17/10/17 to 16/10/21)
Mrs N. Job 
(Chair of Admissions Committee and Personnel Committee) 
(Term: 01/07/17 to 30/06/21)
Mrs M. King  (Chair of Curriculum & Performance Committee)  (Term: 01/07/17 to 30/06/21)
Mr. S. Lucas     (Term: 15/09/19 to 14/09/23)
Mr C. Minton (Term: 01/07/17 to 30/06/21)
Mrs S. Morrison     (Term: 01/10/18 to 30/09/22)
Mr M. Seaman-Hill     (Term: 01/09/17 to 31/08/21)
Mr. S. Sprawson  (Term: 03/02/17 to 02/12/21)



Staff Governors

Mr. K. Balfe (Term 19/09/17 to 18/09/21)
Mrs. C. Emmings  (Term: 14/01/16 to 13/01/20)
Mrs. K. Rowe (Term: 24/09/18 to 23/09/22)


Mr. S Mills 

Clerk to the Governors

(Term 06/10/18 to 05/10/22)
Mr T. Hankin  

































ADDITIONAL GOVERNORS during previous year

Mrs.D. Kaur - Parent Governor (Term: 17/10/17 to 31/05/19)

The Chairman can be contacted as follows:

Mr C. Hall
Chair of Governing Body
Hitchin Girls’ School
Highbury Road
Herts - SG4 9RS

Details of Governors declared Business and Pecuniary Interests is available here.
Details of attendance at Governing Body and committee meetings over the last academic year is available here.