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Fundraising helps the school to raise additional funds for specific projects and activities. The HGFSA (Hitchin Girls' Friends of the School Association) has helped to raise money and supported the development and refurbishment of many parts of the school. 

This has included new furniture for the Library, equipment in technology, new curtains for the Hall, lighting for Drama, resources for Science and support for sports facilities. If you are an Old Girl of the school, you may even have been involved in raising some of the money or benefiting from the work of the HGFSA yourself.

Unfortunately, the number of parents who have been involved in the HGFSA has been diminishing over the past few years and the last has now left.

In the current financial climate, raising money to provide resources that the school is unable to fund itself has become even more important, and we would, therefore, like to re-launch the HGFSA. We have no set requirements as to the nature and frequency of any fundraising that needs to take place, it’s up to parents. Even one event or activity a year would be good. If you can help, want to know more, or have ideas that can be put in place, please contact the school via If we can establish a group of just 10 or more parents willing to be involved, the HGFSA can again become an important part of the HGS community.