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Learning for Life

Learning for Life - KS3 & KS4

The aims and rationale of the curriculum in Years 7- 11 in Learning for Life are:

To ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge to keep themselves healthy and to function successfully in the world beyond school. This includes ensuring that they can make informed choices about relationships and know how to have a safe relationship; ensuring that they understand how money works in a practical sense; exploring British values, covering law and politics; and developing positive practices to improve mental health and well-being, as well as an understanding how to have a healthy lifestyle. Students should develop the skills needed to manage money, make informed political decisions, make choices about friendships and intimate relationships, and manage their emotions and mental well-being. 

The Learning for Life curriculum has been constructed in consultation with appropriate external agencies, such as school nursing, CAMHS and the careers advice team. It is delivered by a wide range of teachers at HGS once a fortnight. It includes a variety of quality-assured external providers, including Phase, Herts Young Homeless and the Alcohol Education Trust. The areas of study include the statutory content from the Citizenship curriculum and the statutory RSHE curriculum. Computing, Philosophy and Ethics, Geography, History and Science also deliver some aspects of the statutory content. Students learn about each topic area every year and the intention is that they will build on their understanding of topics in an age-appropriate manner.

The topics will potentially be delivered at different times of year to different classes in order to ensure that external speakers are available, but the content across each year will be the same for each class. If students take full course PE, they will have a condensed KS4 Learning for Life experience, but the statutory content will still be delivered to them by the PE Department using the resources delivered to the rest of the school. 

The content is all compulsory. However, parents will receive a letter each year as there is the right to withdraw your child from lessons which relate directly to sex. All other aspects of the RSHE and Learning for Life curriculum remain compulsory. 

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Click here for a detailed curriculum map for Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4 Learning for Life