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Vision and Values

Hitchin Girls' School is committed to giving every student a broad education and helping to develop their individual talents to the full. We seek to maintain traditional values in work and behaviour, and our aim is to provide a stimulating, problem-solving and technologically rich approach to learning. This will encourage and support students to fully develop their intellectual, practical and interpersonal skills, and nurture those qualities of character that enable them to contribute effectively to modern society. We believe that this can best be achieved within a firm yet flexible and caring environment, with frequent contact and close co-operation between parents and the school.

The core values that underpin our work are:
  • We respect our students as individuals who have the right to enjoy equal access to a rich, relevant curriculum, high quality learning experiences and enrichment activities.
  • All our students, parents and carers are respected as individuals of equal value whatever their race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, background, age and ability.
  • The school strives to give support to individuals and groups of students who require something extra to meet their needs.
  • We regard parents as an integral part of our community and involve them as much as possible in the joint enterprise of making learning exciting and positive for all.
  • Our school policies, procedures and activities recognise, respect and value differences of life experience, outlook and background. We will manage these in ways that seek to maintain every individual’s dignity and rights. We will promote positive attitudes to all members of our wider community, fostering mutual respect and good relations between us all.
  • Hitchin Girls’ School is an outward-looking organisation that seeks opportunities to involve the local, national and global communities as much as possible.
  • We observe good Equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development. We ensure that policies and procedures benefit all employees and potential employees in recruitment and promotion, and in continuing professional development.