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Travel Information

Travel to and from School

Hitchin Girls' School is committed to healthy lifestyles across the school. One way of helping to achieve this is by promoting travel to and from the school by safe, healthy and sustainable means. We encourage those travelling to the school to use environmentally friendly modes of transport and to be aware of the needs of those living in the immediate vicinity of the school. We believe this contributes to the health, safety and developing independence of students and good relationships with our neighbours.

The Hertfordshire County Council website. provides some useful information and guidance on school travel.

Traveling to school and college by bus and coach

Intalink Hertfordshire travel information (Timetables etc.)

Some tips for safe, healthy travel for students

  • Where practical and safe, walk or use Public Transport to travel to and from school.
  • Always use the pedestrian crossing or footbridge to cross Highbury Road .
  • Always use the pedestrian entrance by the Lower Block or Science Block, not the main gate which is for vehicles.
  • If you do need to travel by car, find out if someone else living near you also uses a car and try car sharing,


  • If driving, take special care around the school gates at the start and end of each day.
  • If you do drive, consider dropping or collecting your daughter at a location a little way away from the school entrance to help reduce congestion.
  • Never stop or wait on the zig-zag marking outside the entrances. They are there to protect pedestrians and prevent accidents by providing a clear line of sight.
  • The lack of vehicle space within the school grounds means there are no dropping off or collecting points for parents. Please do not drive into the school grounds unless you are collecting a student who is unwell. Parking at the school is very limited, and we encourage visitors to use Public Transport whenever possible. If any parent or visitor to the school requires a parking space for a disabled person, please contact the school office and appropriate arrangements will be made.