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Trustees and Members



Mr J E Crowther  (From 01/09/22)

Parent Trustees

Mrs S Franklin (Term: 21/05/21 to 20/05/25)
Mrs S Frost (Chair of Curriculum & Performance Committee) (Term: 21/05/21 to 20/05/25)
Ms A Holden (Term: 21/02/22 to 20/02/26)
Mr D Roberts (Term: 21/02/22 to 20/02/26)
Mrs A Thornber (Term: 21/02/22 to 20/02/26)
Mr M Winter   (Term: 11/10/19 to 10/10/23)

Appointed Trustees

Mr K Balfe (Staff) (Term: 27/09/21 to 26/09/25)
Mr K Down (Chair of Audit & Risk Committee) (Term: 01/06/22 to 31/05/26)
Mr G Edwards (Chair of Finance & Resources Committee) (Term: 17/10/21 to 16/10/25)
Mr T Fitzakerly (Term: 24/01/20 to 23/01/24)
Mr C Hall   (Term: 17/10/21 to 16/10/25)
Mrs N Job (Chair)  (Term: 01/07/21 to 30/06/25)
Mrs M King   (Term: 01/07/21 to 30/06/25)
Mr S Lucas (Vice Chair and Chair of Personnel Committee)   (Term: 15/09/19 to 14/09/23)
Mr S Mills (Term: 06/10/18 to 05/10/22)
Mrs K Rowe (Staff) (Term: 24/09/18 to 23/09/22)
Mr T Scott  (Term: 17/10/21 to 16/10/25)

Clerk to the Trustees

Mr A Hankin  

Additional Trustees during previous year

Ms J Briggs (Term: 07/11/2018 to 07/09/21)
Mrs C Emmings (Term: 16/01/20 - 08/02/23)
Mrs F Manning (Term: 01/09/2007 to 31/08/22)
Dr K Middleton (Term: 18/10/20 to 01/02/22)
Mr M Seaman-Hill (Term: 01/09/21 to 24/05/22)

The Chair can be contacted as follows:

Mrs N Job
Chair of Trustees
Hitchin Girls’ School
Highbury Road

Details of Trustees' declared Business and Pecuniary Interests are available here.

Details of attendance at Trustee Board and committee meetings over the last academic year are available here.

Members of the Academy Trust

Members Appointed
Mr C Hall 17 August 2011
Mrs N Job 17 August 2011
Mrs S Morrison 22 February 2021
Dr M Firth    13 October 2021
Company Secretary  
Mrs Julia Shaw 21 March 2023